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May 09, 2020

The daisy or Bellis Perennis is a flower with many attractions. It recognizes itself by its petals which open during the day and close at night. The most interesting is the possibility of using it to make a beauty recipe to restore tone to your skin.

Do you want to integrate it into your beauty routine? You just have to make your own daisy oil. With this hydrating tensor treatment, goodbye skin aging.

Discover our recipe:

Preparation of the natural formula of daisy oil

To have a softening and firming oil from this wild flower, gather a large quantity of daisy heads. You also need vegetable oil for the oily macerate: olive, sunflower, sweet almond, olive, hazelnut, sesame ... Don't forget vitamin E which, in addition to being excellent for the skin, also acts as a preservative . Provide a sterilized glass jar and start drying the flowers.

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Drying the daisy heads

You only use the flowering tops for your homemade daisy oil. So you remove the rods. When all the daisy heads are ready, gently clean them with water to remove impurities. Then, you dry them in the open air until the humidity disappears completely. Avoid piling them up to speed up the process. If you spread them on absorbent paper, it will be much faster: no more than 24 hours. When the flowers lose volume, it is a sign that they are perfectly dried. You can therefore continue the preparation.

Composition of daisy flower oil

Place all the dry daisies in the sterilized jar beforehand. Add vegetable oil which should completely cover the flowers. Do not forget the 5 drops of vitamins E to keep this preparation longer. Close the container and shake lightly. Then put it in a dry place away from light.

The dried flowers will gradually release its active ingredients. Remember to shake the pot daily. You must wait 6 weeks before using your daisy oil treatment. At this stage, it remains to filter the mixture to make the solution clear. Transfer to a pump bottle to simplify its use.

This Bellis flower treatment helps you revive your skin and the contours of your face. You can also use it to massage your chest or to limit stretch marks after pregnancy. It has no harmful effects, even if you use it every day. As a precaution, still do a test by applying it to the crease of your elbow before the first use. If you have no signs of an allergy after 24 hours, you can get started.

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