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June 22, 2020

The skin is constantly exposed to external aggressions and pollution. Hence the importance of taking good care of it. You must then use the appropriate products to cleanse it, nourish it, moisturize it, regulate it but also protect it. For that, you must first of all know its nature.


Here are our tips for discovering your skin type and giving it all the care it needs.

How to diagnose your skin?

To find out your skin type, you can go to the pharmacy or to a beauty store.

You can also carry out a diagnosis at home using the handkerchief technique. To do this, remove make-up from your face, cleanse and then dry. Wait 30 minutes then leave a tissue on it and let sit for a few seconds.

Then remove the handkerchief to identify your skin type based on the mark left on your face.

  • If your whole face has left a mark: your skin is oily
  • If there is only the trace of the T zone: your skin is combination
  • If there is no trace: your skin is normal or dry


What are the recommended products for your skin type?

It is important to adopt a skincare routine adapted to your skin type so as not to damage it and to correct imperfections.

  • For normal skin

Your skin is normal if it produces the correct amount of sebum. It is therefore neither greasy nor dry. However, it is important to moisturize and cleanse it daily with non-alcoholic, non-comedogenic and special "normal skin" or "all skin types" products. It is also essential to remove make-up every night to preserve your epidermis.

  • For dry skin

Dry skin does not produce enough sebum, resulting in dehydration, flaking and a feeling of tightness. It is therefore necessary to clean and moisturize your face daily. For this, it is advisable to favor creamy and special “dry skin” products. A light scrub should also be done every week.

  • For oily skin

Oily skin produces far too much sebum and looks shiny. It should be cleaned regularly with an alcohol-free and soap-free product. Hydration is also necessary. For this, favor day creams based on water and non-comedogenic. Finally, a scrub should be done once a week. The use of a purifying mask for oily skin is also recommended.

  • For combination skin

Combination skin is oily on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry on the rest of the face. It is important to clean it twice a day (morning and evening) with a suitable product, special "combination skin". Foaming gels are the most recommended. Daily hydration and a weekly mask are also necessary. Finally, it is advisable to carry out a grain-free scrub once a week.  


Ethni Beauty Market offers you a wide range of treatments to choose from depending on the nature of your skin. The latter always needs to be cleaned, nourished and protected, whatever its nature.

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