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October 26, 2020

In the fall it starts to get cold and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. These changes sometimes disrupt the functioning of the human organism and lead to disorders such as hair loss, insomnia or reduced energy. It is therefore essential to fill up with nutrients during this season because those contained in food are not always sufficient. It is therefore advisable to take good quality food supplements to fill the gaps, to be in good shape.

Essential food supplements for fall

Like nature, your body follows a specific cycle throughout the year. Autumn is the season of rest and renewal. Like the falling leaves, hair loss is more intense during this period.

If we generally lose between 50 to 100 hairs per day in normal times, this amount increases in the fall due to cold, stress or fatigue. This may alarm some people, although it is not really that bad. On the contrary, it is quite natural.

We still recommend that you take food supplements to deal with this. These products have the role of activating regrowth, strengthening your hair and ensuring their health. A 3-month cure would be ideal for obtaining the best results.


This tea is composed of several natural ingredients such as Goji berry, peppermint, turmeric, ginger or even rose petals. This food supplement makes it possible to fight effectively against hair loss and activates their regrowth. It also guarantees them better health. Take 2 cups daily (morning and evening) for 28 days to observe the benefits on the hair.

HAIRFINITY Hair Vitamin Capsules

HAIRFINITY capsules are mainly composed of essential nutrients of natural origin. The latter's role is to activate hair growth. The manufacturer even guarantees 200% efficiency. Take 2 tablets per day to enjoy the benefits of this food supplement with multiple virtues.

LASHILE BEAUTY Good Hair Gummies Vitamins

These little Good Hair candies are mainly composed of vitamins. The latter act mainly to repair and strengthen the hair and to accelerate its growth. This food supplement also promotes the elasticity and flexibility of the hair fibers. Take 2 gummies per day to have more beautiful hair.

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL from Kiki Health to boost your energy

The lack of natural light sometimes leads to a significant loss of energy and can even lead to a depressive state. We recommend that you take this chlorophyll-based dietary supplement from Kiki Health to keep you going during the fall. It also detoxifies your body. Mix 15 ml of the product with a little water or juice if you are an adult. The recommended daily dose for a child is 5 ml.

The food supplement with melatonin MRM to remedy sleep disorders

Melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, is naturally released by the body at nightfall to activate sleep. An additional contribution is therefore essential to adapt the sleep cycle to the change of season during the fall season. So you can face your day with more energy. Take one MRM capsule per day to benefit from its benefits.

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