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September 17, 2020

In summer, hair tends to grow faster. We owe it to the heat and the light emitted by the sun and not to the season. Our body adapts to our environment. In summer, our blood circulation is faster and it leads in particular to hair growth. Our body also produces more keratin, an essential and building protein of hair (as well as body hair and nails). This is the perfect time to optimize hair growth as much as possible with a new, simple and fast routine.

Discover our tips for longer and stronger hair, by adopting among others the products of the Easy Pouss brand.


A complete hair routine to boost hair growth

Did you know that hair grows from the root? Contrary to some popular belief, they do not elongate at the tips. Depending on their genetic predispositions, each person gains an average of 1 to 1,5 centimeters per month.

To boost hair development, it is therefore necessary to do it on the scalp. At the same time, it remains essential to take care of their lengths, in order to preserve a magnificent mane, radiant with health.

In fact, Easy Pouss is a hair care brand whose formulas accelerate growth while strengthening the hair by providing it with density, nutrition and hydration. You can use them to compose a complete routine to boost your hair growth.


Care before the shower

Get in the habit of giving your hair a nourishing treat before you shower. You can in particular carry out an oil bath to leave on as long as possible. For example, apply the product before sleeping, massaging the scalp well.

Castor oil is known for its purifying and nourishing properties. It is perfect for deeply nourishing hair and stimulating regrowth. It is particularly suitable for dry, damaged and brittle hair.

This vegetable oil is to be applied from the root to promote growth, but also on the lengths to strengthen the hair, anticipate any breakage. As long as it is quite oily and viscous, wash it off with shampoo.

This 100% virgin coconut oil is nourishing and restorative. Excellent for skin and hair, it can be used as a daily care for deeply hydrated skin, as an oil bath or as a conditioner for softer, healthier hair. Solid or liquid depending on the temperature, we advise you to keep it ideally cool in your bathroom.


Care in the shower

The shampoo to be used in the shower is chosen according to the nature and condition of your hair.

This shampoo contains castor oil and keratin. It is a cleansing treatment that will strengthen the hair fiber while stimulating hair growth. Apply liberally all over the hair. Lather while performing circular massages on the scalp. Repeat then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

This conditioner is to be used in addition to the shampoo from the same range. It is to be applied on the lengths and prevents hair breakage by strengthening them. The result: hair that is easy to disentangle, soft and healthy.


Care after the shower

Apply to high definition hair milk on clean hair.

It is multi-use:

As a detangling treatment, it applies generously to damp hair. Detangle and rinse for a soft and silky result. As a leave-in treatment, insist on the ends.

For beautiful, plump and fortified curls, you can use it daily and let your hair air dry.

It is interesting to note that this product is also a leave-in treatment. After application, you just need to dry your hair with a towel. For curly hair, this milk can be used daily to define your curls.

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