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January 12, 2021


Between the mask, the cold, the friction, the skin of our face sees all the colors. How to keep your skin hydrated in winter? A facial care routine is essential.

First things first, we cleanse our face thoroughly but gently with SHEA MOISTURE coconut and hibiscus soap. Formulated without sulfate, it cleanses and nourishes your skin, giving it radiance and softness in a single step.

We continue with a splash of Ayurvedic rose water from LOREN KADI. Its tonic and moisturizing action will wake up and soften your skin in a single gesture. Its re-balancing action fights against redness and restores radiance to your skin, ideal for this season.

We continue with the revitalizing serum with pomegranate and honey from HONEY ORGANICS Honey is a moisturizer known and recognized for its moisturizing and antiseptic power. Combined with the revitalizing virtues of pomegranate, this serum hydrates your skin and improves its elasticity for a long time, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. A must.

We finish with the ETNIK moisturizer. Full of essential active ingredients, its formula based on mango butter and cocoa butter is ideal for taking care of the thin and delicate skin of the face. Associated with black seed oil, this treatment smooths and hydrates the skin, providing it with absolute comfort. Leaving no oily film on, your face is sublime, it glows. What else?


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