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December 22th

Hydration is vital for life. By definition, it is the water supply to the body. Without water, humans would barely survive 3 days. Beyond the internal water intake (especially that we drink or that provided by certain foods), we must also consider the external intake. Indeed, the skin - which is made up of 70% water - as well as the hair also need hydration. Find out why and how to hydrate / hydrate well as well as some products from Ethni Beauty Market to give a second youth to your skin.

Why hydrate?

Skin that lacks water will inevitably dry out and be prone to tightness and redness. At the same time, the epidermis will be more sensitive to external aggressions. It will easily react under the sun, pollution or friction. Worse still, it is possible that fine lines appear on the forehead, eyes or cheeks. To avoid this situation, it is then necessary to ensure internal and external hydration.

Internal hydration

Internal hydration can be provided in different ways. First, it is necessary to drink an average of 1,5 liters of water per day, which corresponds to about 8 glasses of water. Prefer, moreover, foods rich in water, in this case certain fruits and vegetables (cucumber, tomato, apple, berries, dairy products, etc.). It should be noted that there are also foods to avoid, as they promote dehydration. This is particularly the case with alcohol and certain exciting drinks such as coca-cola or coffee.

External hydration

In order to ensure external hydration, you have the choice between a wide range of products to have soft and glowing skin and silky hair. Here are some of them in particular that are available at Ethni Beauty Market to enjoy the best care, especially for this winter.

·     Body milk for light hydrationère

Milk is a light, liquid moisturizer for the skin that consists of'an oily phase and d'an aqueous phase. Its fluid texture is suitable for normal to oily skin. To bring even more softness and suppleness without suffocating the epidermis, milk is often enriched with shea butteror in oils vEquals emulsified in an aqueous base (to facilitate penetration). It may also contain sun protection or components acting on skin aging. Perfect for summer!

Lemoisturizing body milk from Clairissime acts effectively against dessècutaneous thanks to the properties of shea butter, which will deeply repair all the skinshydrateées. Softness and flexibility guaranteed.

·     The cream for the'hydration of the skin sèches

A crème, which is rich in fatty substances, is suitable for normal to sèchs or sensitive. It is more hydrating, compared to milk. D'a smoother and more delicious texture, it is a product that soothes and repairs the epidermis which is subjected to various external aggressions (pollution and cold in particular). Also ideal when the temperatures start to drop!

LaCantu moisturizer for the body is rich in shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E, for optimal and long-lasting hydration of normal to sèches.

·     Balm and butter for deep hydration

Butter and body balm have a strong moisturizing power: thicker and more compact than milk or cream, they have a high matt content.ère vegetable fat. These products work effectively against the stinging, cracking, itching and tightness that the skin suffers from.èchesto trèssèches. In matière hydration, shea and cocoa butters remain classics to restore softness to the softer areasèfrom head to toe. They are particularèreally pleasedbiscitduring Winter.

LeMelting balm with shea butter & bissap from La Kaz Naturelle intensely treats the skin, repairs and makes the skinlasticeé to irritated, sensitive skin lacking radiance.

·     Oil in addition to'hydration

Be careful, by definition, an oil nourishes (provides lipids). It should therefore not be confused with pure moisturizers. Thus, an oil alone will not necessarily provide effective long-lasting hydration! It is best to use it in addition to'a milk, d'a crème or d'a butter rather than'replacing.

Shea Moisture brand shea oil is rich in vitamins A, E and F. It revitalizes, protectsèage and calm the skinèches and damagedeg.

Is your skin visually drier and does it even tend to crackle? It is quite possible that she is lacking in hydration. The good news is that it can very well regain its radiance, as long as you take certain steps and use the right products. Depending on the nature of your skin, take care of it with milk, cream, balm, butter and also oil. Apply twice a day, in the morning upon waking up and in the evening before going to sleep. Your skin will be smoother and more radiant with health!

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