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February 14, 2020

Curly and curly hair is more fragile and tends to break easily. To keep them in good health and to magnify their appearance, it is essential to adopt the right gestures and use the right products. Precisely, we offer a miracle routine to tame and enhance your mane. Especially since you benefit from a 15% reduction by purchasing the complete pack.

A complete routine for perfect hair

Routine for curly, brittle hair

Here are the different steps to take to take care of your curly / curly hair:

First step: the oil bath

Oil bath

Get into the habit of deeply nourishing your hair by making an oil bath to apply as long as possible. The ideal is to apply this treatment before sleeping and leave it on overnight. Wrap your carefully oiled hair in a shower cap. You can also use our heated cap and make your oil bath for 20 minutes.

Heating cap

Second step: anti-breakage shampoo

Anti breakage shampoo

The anti-breakage shampoo, devoid of sulphate, gently cleanses your hair. Enriched with plant extracts, it hydrates and regenerates hair fibers.

Third step: anti-breakage conditioner

Anti breakage shampoo

Get in the habit of applying a conditioner to easily detangle your sometimes rebellious mane. Our conditioner based on vegetable oils strengthens the hair thus avoiding breakage by acting in depth.

Fourth step: anti-breakage rinsing lotion

Anti-breakage leave-in lotion

The leave-in lotion completes and accentuates the action of shampoo and conditioner. It nourishes, hydrates, protects and repairs fragile or weakened hair, which tends to break. The cuticles are strengthened and densified.

Step five: moisturizing butter

Hydrating and nourishing butter
The moisturizing and nourishing butter is essential to seal the hydration of your hair. One or three drops are enough and your hair stays radiant for a long time.

Sixth step: smoothing gel for baby hair

Curlessence hydrating border gel
With curly or curly hair, you are never immune to sparkling baby hair, which goes all over the place. You can tame them and smooth them effectively each time you style with our border gel, which is applied with your finger or using a toothbrush.
Baby hair example

Seventh step: the texturizing spray

Texturizing spray
The Sativa cannabis and sea salt texturizer is used daily to add volume and hydrate hair while preserving a well-disciplined hairstyle.

Step XNUMX: Complements to gain volume

Food supplements Madame President Tea Madame La Présidente Detox cure
Beyond the products to be applied directly to the hair, you can also take care of it from the inside. Our beauty routine for curly or curly hair thus includes two products of the brand Madame la Présidente, in this case the food supplement and the special detox cure for hair.

Products to use on a daily basis:

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