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August 11

Many impatiently wait for summer to bask their skin in the sun. However, it is essential to take precautions, as UV rays are very dangerous. They are indeed the cause of intense burns and irritations in the short term. They are also carcinogenic and accelerate the process of skin aging. The use of suitable protection products is therefore essential for the summer season in order to preserve your health and achieve a successful tan. At Ethni Beauty Market, we recommend the use of three essential and complementary products.


The scrub

The golden effect disappears as the cells of the epidermis renew themselves. This is the reason why it is better to tan on new skin for a satisfactory and lasting result. The role of the scrub is precisely to eliminate dead skin. For this, we recommend the scrub with ground coffee and virgin coconut oil from SHEA MOISTURE.

The coffee contained in this product effectively combats sagging skin. In addition, this ingredient reduces cellulite. Virgin coconut oil, meanwhile, ensures hydration and provides the necessary nutrients to the skin, leaving a light oily film. It somehow reduces the abrasive effect of the scrub. Nevertheless, it is still important to apply a body lotion or cream after the operation and even every day after the shower.


Moisturizing milk

As has been said previously, the application of a body cream is important on a daily basis. This nourishes the skin and protects it. To do this, we recommend the SHEA MOISTURE Raw Shea Butter Moisturizer.

The richness in vitamin E and K of this product promotes the reinforcement of the natural barrier function of the skin against external aggressions such as UV rays. These nutrients also fight against dehydration of the skin surface and the loss of vitality thereof. Shea butter also provides soft and nourished skin. However, moisturizer is insufficient if you are going to be out in the sun. It is important to apply sun protection in addition.


Sun protection

The UV filters in sunscreens or photoprotectors protect your skin. You should apply it regularly to your skin: every two hours, before each outing and after each swim.

These products protect you from the effects of the sun's UV rays without harming your tan. We recommend that you opt for the protective satin lotion HAWAIIAN TROPIC SPF 50. It offers optimal protection and leaves a sweet fragrance on your skin thanks to the extracts of exotic plants and coconut it contains. For the last days, favor the protective satin lotion SPF 30 from HAWAIIAN TROPIC.


Don't take unnecessary risks to brown your skin this summer. Exfoliate before going on vacation, add moisturizer every day after showering and apply protective lotion before going out in the sun, making sure to renew every two hours or after swimming. This routine does not harm your tan. On the contrary, it protects you and allows you to obtain a better result.


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