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December 28th

Taking care of your hair also involves effective maintenance of its ends. Indeed, we generally treat the hair in its entirety without providing specific care to our ends. Big mistake! They are on the front lines and suffer all the more from external aggressions. How to do in this case to take care of my damaged ends? Thanks to an ultra nourishing oil bath.

The ingredients of the bath of wonderful oils (for 50 ml of oil bath):

12,5 ml of argan oil

An essential beauty secret, argan oil has been used for centuries for its repairing and regenerating properties. By penetrating into the heart of the hair fiber, it will create a natural barrier against the effects of climate and pollution.

12,5 ml of wheat germ vegetable oil

Wheat germ oil is your best ally for hair care. Ultra rich, it will nourish the damaged ends in depth, bringing them suppleness and softness.


25ml jojoba oil

What about jojoba oil. A real Swiss army knife for hair, its properties form the basis of all good hair care. With it, dry and brittle hair regains suppleness, softness and vitality. What else?

2 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

Ideal for an oil bath, its captivating scent soothes and relaxes. We mix the useful with the pleasant to make this oil bath a real moment of letting go and well-being.

Preparation of the oil bath:

The ingredients are mixed in a clean and dry container if possible made of glass and tinted. For an optimal result, prepare the oil bath in advance and let the preparation sit in a dry place away from light for 24 hours so that the synergy of the oils is maximum.

Applying the oil bath

For the application two choices are available to you:

You are more of the type in a hurry, so we will opt for an express exposure of 20 minutes. Be careful, however, you must allow time for the oils to penetrate the scales well otherwise the result will not be there.

For those who have the time, the ideal is to have their mask put on the night before. The oils will diffuse in depth during the night and regenerate the hair as much as possible.

For rinsing, we opt for a mild, non-aggressive shampoo. No need to fall into the hair stripping which would risk reducing the benefits of the oil bath, so we only do one shampoo but we do it well. Take your time by distributing the product over the entire hair and gently massaging the scalp to stimulate it.

Gentle shampoo

We finish with a gentle drying / styling and we enjoy our hair at the top level.

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