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June 07, 2021


The sun is back and summer can finally begin. Faced with the aggressions of the sun and heat, it is important to take care of your body and your hair. For this, we have concocted a routine with Palmer's brand products to protect them all summer. It is important that every part of the body is ready and protected.


The hair

The sun's rays attack the hair easily: they dry and dehydrate it. The hair becomes thin, brittle, split ends and falls out more quickly. To avoid this, apply thezero hair loss reconstructive elixir. The elixir is composed of a mixture of protective oils accompanied by a cream infused with ceramides. The product will strengthen your hair and make it less brittle. To enjoy its benefits, simply spray the product on damp hair.


The face

The sun has both beneficial and harmful effects on the face. Among the beneficial effects, there is the intake of vitamin D. On the other hand, there are harmful effects for the face. In particular sunburn, solar herpes, skin aging or skin cancer. To counter skin aging, apply theanti-aging care oil on a clean, dry face. The blend of 10 pure precious oils will hydrate and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol and Vitamin C will help improve and brighten the tone and texture of the skin.


The body

The sun's rays have the same beneficial and harmful effects on the body as they do on the face. The heat of the sun dries the skin and dehydrates it. To keep the skin hydrated, use the cocoa butter body butter. The body butter will soften and relieve rough, dry skin in addition to reducing skin marks and scars. Enriched with vitamin E, the butter will tone the skin.

Small + of the product: it is possible to use it for a deep care during the night during and after pregnancy to treat stretch marks.

To complete this routine, take care of your feet with the cocoa butter scrub. You just have to apply the scrub in circular massage on your feet while insisting on the dry areas. The product will revitalize and exfoliate the skin of the feet to make them soft.


Thanks to this routine, you will be able to enjoy the sun in all serenity.

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