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November 26, 2020

When it comes to taking care of your hair, we always think of products such as shampoos, conditioners, masks or serums. However, there are other elements that contribute to the health and appearance of our manes.

Combs, brushes, caps… these are the essential tools that make all the difference for dream hair.

There are so many models available on the market that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. However, it is essential to use the right accessories, whether for detangling, brushing or brushing. Let's do a check in.

Combs and brushes

Wide tooth comb (hair type 1 to 4)

This accessory is useful for:

  • Detangle hair after washing, regardless of its nature. It acts effectively without tearing them off;
  • Detangle and style curly or frizzy hair. It eliminates knots without damaging the curls and allows for more volume.

The wide tooth comb Nr. 619 Comair is resistant to heat and care products. It is also flexible and suitable for all hair types. Also interesting are the models for volume from Annie or Nr. 2437 from Magic.

Tail comb (hair type 1 to 4)

This type of comb usually has narrow teeth and a sharp shank to achieve precise tracing. It is therefore to be favored for buns or braids.

The DENMAN brand offers many tail combs, the most interesting of which is the DPC1GRN model. The metal tail and clenched teeth allow for a professional-looking layered hairstyle.

Bristle brush (hair type 1 to 2B)

  • The boar bristle brush is used to achieve smooth and shiny finishes. It is more suitable for fine hair;
  • The nylon bristle brush is intended for the smooth or wavy finish, but works best for thick hair.

The DENMAN Large Boar Bristle Brush has an effective air damping system that promotes user comfort. A nylon bristle model is also available. The ANNIE brand also offers this type of accessory.

Flat round brush (hair type 1 to 4)

The flat brush is suitable for smooth blow-drying while the round brush is more suitable for soft blow-drying. There are even models for scalp massage. Choose a wide accessory for long hair.

The Ethni Beauty Market massaging and detangling brush is suitable for all hair types, especially afro and curly (hair type 3 to 4). It is made of plastic and rubber and its body is curved for comfort and efficiency.


A heated cap provides the necessary heat to promote good absorption of care products by the hair fibers. The Qfitt self-heating beanie uses the heat produced by your body to warm itself. In other words, no need to put it in the microwave as with the HEAT TREAT model.

A satin or silk cap serves as protection against attacks from the pillowcase when you sleep. This keeps your hair strong and healthy. Note that these accessories do not absorb hydration.


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