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July 13, 2020

At Ethni Beauty Market, it is important to us to offer products that are suitable for everyone, especially for people with exotic skin and hair. We therefore offer solutions adapted to women with an Afro, matte, golden or even mixed complexion. Today, we present to you a newcomer among the brands offering care for toddlers. Zawadi.

The origins of the Zawadi brand

It all starts around a family dinner for Béatrice Belle who is a doctor of pharmacy. The idea of ​​launching your own brand is inspired by the stories of those around you. She has several Métis children among her relatives. They complain of facing various skin problems, but have never been able to find the perfect product. This is how “Zawadi” was born, a brand with an evocative name. Indeed, Zawadi means "gift" in Swahili. The founder also chose a sunny blue lion to represent her brand.

A range of products for children

Zawadi is a brand that is specially aimed at children. It offers a real promise of efficiency to take care of their skin, whatever its nature or color. Zawadi prides itself above all on offering a reliable solution to remedy the problems of dryness and eczema that face Afro and mixed skin. In all cases, the brand undertakes to accept and love the other as he is. All of its products are then formulated with total respect for each person's uniqueness.

A range of biomimetic products

Biomimetic products have been specially designed to get as close as possible to the physiological of human skin. Zawadi offers a range for children from 0 to 12 months in this category.

Because these pieces of cabbage have specific needs and because their skin is particularly fragile, the brand has developed suitable products, namely: a gentle bath water, a milky cleansing water without rinsing and a moisturizing milk oil. With this complete PETITS PAS range, you can pamper baby's skin all day long. It is also and above all a privileged moment of sweetness with your little one while bathing.

These biomimetic treatments benefit from the HygroCalm formula which combines carnauba wax, sugars and amino acids and shea butter. Thanks to the synergy of these components, these products act on different levels: soothing and moisturizing the skin, skin protected from dehydration, softness and skin comfort.

Treatments for more than 12 months

Zawadi products formulated for more than 12 months are also available on Ethni Beauty Market. You will be able to find the anti-itch moisturizing milk, the bath foam for the body or even the cuddly shampoo (usable from 6 months). All these treatments contain ingredients specially selected to adapt to the fragile nature of the skin and hair of toddlers.

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