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MIRA - Organic baobab oil - 50ml

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MIRA - Baobab oil - 50ml

The baobab is native to Africa and Madagascar. It is one of the emblems of the island thanks to the famous "alley" of baobabs which makes tourists happy in Madagascar and leaves them with unique memories! Baobab oil is great for taking care of your skin. Our pure baobab oil is unique because we left the pulp there, which leaves it with its raw properties and guarantees a much higher effectiveness than other baobab oils you can find elsewhere. She comes straight from Madagascar, where her sisters come more from Senegal, whose baobab industry is more industrialized.

Cold pressed pure and virgin baobab oil. 50ml bottle

How to enjoy its benefits?

For your hair, to be used on the lengths, as a mask. If you can, leave the mask on overnight and take your usual shampoo the next day. For the skin, rub the oil with your hand to warm it, until it has a sufficiently liquid texture. Then apply the oil to the dry, damaged part of your skin. This oil takes time to penetrate your skin, gently massage your skin to make it penetrate. Applied pure, it will leave a light veil, protective and velvety. You can mix it with a dry oil like kukui for easier and faster penetration! Keep cool, in a dry place and especially without light


Palmitic Acid:

Protective fatty acid. For natural protection and a softening effect: it is thanks to this fatty acid that your skin is soft to the touch after using our pure baobab oil!

Oleic Acid (Omega 9) :

The last of the three essential fatty acids: to nourish your skin over the long term, restore suppleness, repair it. Sebum is made up of 30%.

Stearic Acid (18: 0):

A structuring fatty acid. 11% of the skin's natural sebum is made up of it.

Vitamin F:

It is essential for the repair of cells in your body. Into the Baobob is full of them! Deep and lasting hydration guaranteed.



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