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MIRA - Geranium essential oil 5ml

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MIRA - Geranium essential oil 5ml

Do not look on your balcony to find this plant, because here we are talking about the majestic bourbon geranium coming directly from Madagascar. It is not the distillation of the flower that gives us this nectar with sweet notes of rose, but the leaves, patiently distilled, that you will find in our small bottles. It is an essential cosmetic oil par excellence. Very versatile, it balances the secretion of sebum, the fatty substance produced by your body and which preserves the elasticity of the epidermis. Promoting circulation and purifying the surface of the skin, it is a very good cosmetic ally and is used in synergy with noble oils such as hemp oil and moringa oil.

How to enjoy its benefits?

Bourbon geranium essential oil is used in diffusion for the pleasure of the smell or directly on the skin (one drop at most) for specific skin care: acne or spots. For regular, anti-aging skin care, we recommend that you mix bourbon geranium essential oil with a dry vegetable oil, for the face or body. For the face, a few drops of essential oil of geranium with pure hemp oil, for dry skin, or jojoba, for combination or acne-prone skin; with pure kukui oil for the body.



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