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MIRA - Palmarosa essential oil 5ml

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MIRA - Palmarosa essential oil 5ml

Let yourself be seduced by the sweet scent of rose in our Palmarosa essential oil ... And be surprised by the strength of its effects. Purifying and toning the skin, it fights against skin impurities, in particular acne. On the scalp, it fights against dandruff by sanitizing your skin. Used regularly, it fights against the appearance of cellulite. A sweet wonder!

How to enjoy its benefits?

The properties of Palmarosa essential oil make it an excellent anti-acne solution.

Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties will promote the disappearance of pimples by ridding the skin of a wide variety of bacteria. Palmarosa will also be effective in regulating the secretion of sebum, which is the liquid causing the appearance of acne. The beta-caryophyllene in Palmarosa will have a calming action and will inhibit your itching so that you don't scratch yourself and make your injuries worse. Its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing action prevents the pimple from developing. Finally, the healing properties of the oil allow the pimple to disappear more quickly and prevent a new infection. You will understand, it brings together all the essential properties to fight against acne!

Apply a drop directly to the pimple or dilute it in vegetable oil to spread over a larger area.



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