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MIRA - Red castor oil - The fabulous fate of castor oil - 50ml

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MIRA - Red castor oil - The fabulous fate of castor oil - 50ml

"The fabulous fate of castor oil" promotes hair growth, coats the hair fiber to make it stronger and thicker. Our pure castor oil comes from the Red Lands of Madagascar: full of ricinoleic acid, it strengthens your hair, eyelashes and nails. Red and resulting from artisanal know-how, red like the soil of Madagascar, particularly thick, this red castor oil from wild shrubs is full of vitamins.

How to enjoy its benefits?

Before each shampoo, apply it to your scalp by massaging with your fingertips to activate the blood microcirculation, leave on for a few hours (or even overnight!) Then wash your hair: it becomes soft and shiny!

Massage your nails and cuticles with a tiny amount of oil to quickly (and naturally!) Make them longer and stronger.


The process of making red castor, otherwise known as carapate or Jamaican black oil, involves lightly roasting the castor beans and crushing them using pestles, by hand.

Ricinoleic acid:

The key ingredient in effective castor oil. It makes up 87% of "The fabulous destiny of castor oil". It is he who accelerates hair growth and strengthens it!

More concentrated in ricinoleic acid than white castor oil, its power is increased tenfold.

Origin: Madagascar



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