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Purchase of EBM PRO WHOLESALER credits

Benefit from exceptional product pricing on your EBM PRO GROSSISTE account by crediting your account in advance. Start by requesting the creation of your professional account:

This will give you access to an EBM payment card which you can use when making payments.

An operation that aims to be simplistic:

You choose the products you need:

  • either directly via the store by sending us the links of each product
  • either via the wholesale purchase platform in which you have access to the product references that you just need to indicate to us with the quantity desired for each: (note that you must first create a pro account to do so)

Send it to us by email and we will send you a quote, which you can pay with your EBM payment card, you can buy as many as you want each time.

Warning : there is no free shipping cost.

We offer 6 levels of rechargeable credits after exhaustion:



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