Welcome to Ethni Beauty Market!

Our primary objective is to offer innovative products to our customers.

Anxious to offer the best, we take time and a lot of precautions before integrating new ranges into our selection.

The products that we reference comply with the cosmetic legislation in force (clear labeling in French, products notified to health authorities with a compliant cosmetic file, existence of legal responsibility on a European scale ...).

Your composition is analyzed by our experts to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability for our customers.

Does your brand meet the requirements of our brand? She is in compliance with European regulations ? Show us your products! We are always delighted to discover new beneficial and innovative brands to reference on our site.

Step 1:

Visit space.pro@ethnibeautymarket.com specifying the following information:

  • Formulation : do the products consider all the beauties of the world? Do they have specific claims?
  • Positioning : what is the proposed public price structure? What are the brand's current distribution channels?
  • Key ingredients : range presentation documents, complete list of INCIs.
  • Manufacturing : what is the country of manufacture of the products?
  • Labelling : is the labeling in French? Other languages) ?
  • Regulation : have the products been notified on the European cosmetic portal? 

Step 2:

If the products seem to match what we are looking for, we will ask you for samples in order to carry out user tests with our panel.

The test produced in real conditions is, for us, the essential step that precedes any study of a file with a view to potential referencing at Ethnic Beauty Market.

Step 3:

We study and validate your application if your profile meets our reference criteria.

Step 4:

Your brand is on www.ethnibeautymarket.com


Together, let's value all the beauties of the world!