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Amazing Cosmetics - Concealer and Foundation Duo (Different Shades)

Our new SMOOTH® Duo changes the beauty game by offering you a Concealer Cream and a Foundation in 1 tube! The mind blown. 1,06 oz

In the cape

Our SMOOTH Cream concealer is formulated with loving ingredients that help reduce puffiness under the eyes, minimize dark circles, moisturize and protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

In the tube

Our SMOOTH Foundation uses a water-based formulation that provides full coverage and a feeling of lightness. We also packed it with peptides and antioxidants 400 times more hydrating than sodium hyaluronate, to fight wrinkles and moisture loss.

How to enjoy its benefits?

Apply a small amount of Concealer Cream to erase dark circles, blemishes and redness wherever you need it. Apply the foundation all over the face to even out the complexion and complexion. Since it is a water-based formula, we recommend that you tighten the tube gently in an upright position before use. As a general rule, an amount equivalent to a penny is sufficient for complete and natural coverage. Both can be applied with your fingertips.

PRO TIP: For optimal results, apply to skin prepared and prepared with ourAnti-aging face base ouIlluminate Primer + Highlighter.



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