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Ardell - False Eyelash Glue Duo White 14G

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This nec plus ultra glue for false eyelashes from Duo offers a nourishing formula containing vitamins A, C and E soothing the skin during application. When applied, the glue is white, then it becomes transparent as it dries. The 14 g bottle allows use on several pairs of eyelashes.

Perfect for full lashes, halves and individual extensions, this paste makes application easier than ever.

Latex based formula.

Usage tips :

  • Check the position: align the strip with the natural lash line, cut off the excess if necessary.
  • Apply the glue: apply a thin line of glue along the strip, wait 30 seconds before applying.
  • Apply the false eyelashes: fix the strip of false eyelashes by pressing on the eyelash line.

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