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Ardell - Wispies X 5 Multipack False Lashes

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Discover the best-selling eyelashes with this economical set ofArdell Multipack Wispies False LashesenBlack. Light and reusable, these natural-looking false eyelashes are attached to an invisible strip for discreet hold. The eyelashes have been individually hand-knotted for perfect uniformity.

These aerial lashes have different lengths and are slightly more rounded with flared outer corners for better definition. Pleasant to wear, they bring a natural volume and density to your eyes. Made with natural eyelashes and easy to apply.

Conseils d'utilization:

Check size: Apply false eyelashes on natural eyelashes. If they protrude from the natural lash line, cut off the excess with small scissors.

Apply the glue: Apply a thin line of LashGrip glue along the strip of false lashes. Use a toothpick to distribute the glue evenly. Let the glue act for around 30 seconds.

Apply false eyelashes: Place the false eyelashes as close to the natural lash line as possible. With your fingertips, gently press along the strip to hold it in place.

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