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Olivéa - Ghassoul powder 200g


Ghassoul (which is also written rhassoul or rassoul) is a natural mineral clay.

From Morocco, Ghassoul spread throughout the Near and Middle East.

This volcanic clay is extracted from the only known deposits in the world, located at the edge of the Atlas mountains.

Ghassoul is used by Moroccan women for their hair and body care.

How to enjoy its benefits?

Ghassoul is mixed with lukewarm water. The Ghassoul swells and forms a very soft and creamy paste that is spread on the body or the hair. Like a blotter, this paste absorbs impurities and fats. A simple rinse is then enough to remove them. In addition, unlike conventional antiseptics, clay and Ghassoul in particular do not destroy the surrounding cells: they promote cell reconstitution. They are therefore perfectly indicated to treat a small wound, a cut, an irritation. Natural relaxants, clay and Ghassoul relieve localized tensions and help to relax after a long day of work. You can also use a mixture of black soap and ghassoul to combine the exfoliating and nourishing properties of the 2 products.


This paste is applied with circular movements to thoroughly impregnate the skin. Ghassoul deeply cleanses the epidermis without attacking the lipoprotective film. It is therefore well suited to the care of sensitive or reactive skin. Ghassoul also has exfoliating and astringent properties, which are interesting for oily or problematic skin. Applied to the face, Ghassoul allows a gentle exfoliation and brightens the complexion. For dry skin, after a Ghassoul mask, do not forget to nourish the epidermis with argan oil. Used on the whole body, Ghassoul gives your skin a softness and a remarkable satin appearance.


Apply Ghassoul on your hair, wet beforehand. Gently massage the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes. Dry while brushing. You will then be amazed at the volume of your hair, especially if your hair is naturally fine. Your hair will also be silky, shimmering and radiant with vitality and health. Excellent detangler, Ghassoul helps eliminate dandruff and regulates sebum production in oily hair. In general, and to give more vigor and flexibility to your hair, you can end their care with a mask made with Ghassoul, orange blossom water and argan oil.


100% ghassoul



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