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Glov - Skin Massage Glove - Pink


Improve the appearance of your skin withGLOV Skin Smoothing Body Massage Glove.

Made from natural bamboo fibers, this massage glove helps visibly improve the appearance of the skin, smoothing and softening it to make it supple and revitalized. Performing circular massage movements can help promote microcirculation, which in turn helps improve the tone and appearance of the skin. Comfortable and easy to use, this massage glove will also prepare the skin for the application of other treatments.

Contains 90% bamboo and 10% polyester.


Conseils d'utilization:

Massage the skin every day by making 30 circular movements while taking a bath. The effectiveness of the glove can be improved if you use it in combination with your favorite scrub or with any type of shower gel.


90% Bamboo, 10% Polyester



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