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Glov - On-The-Go Hydro Makeup Remover Glove

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GLOV Hydro Glove Make-Up Remover On-The-Go

GLOV on-the-go fits easily in the smallest of vanities to accompany you everywhere.

This “on-the-go” version has the same characteristics as the large classic version. It is suitable for all skin types - even the most fragile and delicate.

It is recommended for atypical skin and those who have eczema problems.

It gently removes make-up from the face and eyes.

Created using microtechnology, GLOV fibers are 30 times finer than that of cotton and 100 times more than a human hair. Their electrostatic properties attract make-up like a magnet, until they are washed. GLOV fibers are antibacterial in nature and therefore suitable for daily use for 3 months.

How to enjoy its benefits?

Moisten and pass over your face. Rinse and let dry.

Suitable for daily use for 3 months. Machine washable at low temperature, without fabric softener which damages the fibers.



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