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Hesh - Skin life powder 50g

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Hesh - Skin life powder 50g

Skin life powder is a 100% natural mask. It is a mixture based on plants known in Ayurvedic medicine: Amla, Tulsi, Lodhar ....


Skin Life powder:
- cleanses and gives radiance to your skin
- fight against skin problems: acne, mild rash
- protects the skin against atmospheric pollution
- combats dry skin
- fight against wrinkles
- nourishes the skin
- has an anti-bacterial action.

How to enjoy its benefits?

For daily use or as a skin treatment. To be used as a face and neck mask or poultice.


Aloe (Barbadas Aloe) - Amla (Emblic Myrobalan) - Chandan (Santalum Album) - Wala (Adropogon Muricatus) - Rose - Haldi (Curcum Longa) -

Ayurvedic product - not tested on animals


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