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Holika Holika - Prime Youth Gold 24K Repair Serum

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The rejuvenating formula in serum ampoule has a powerful repairing effect and instantly illuminates the skin giving it an internal glow.
The formula increases the resilience and elasticity of the skin, activates the metabolism and stimulates the growth of new cells and thus thickens the dermal layer.It produces a lifting effect, smoothes fine lines and ages wrinkles and helps preserve the consistency of the complexion.With antioxidant properties, it relieves irritation, improves recovery and regeneration, and ensures an optimal level of hydration of the skin.
As an ingredient, colloidal gold metabolizes other components to enter the skin, such as vitamins and plant extracts.Accelerates the division of skin cells.Increases vitality, stimulates the regenerative functions of the body.Increases resistance to various diseases and helps improve the process of cell regeneration.
The caviar in the composition of the serum ampoule contributes to the restoration of the protein balance of the skin and has a powerful stimulating and regenerating effect.It accelerates the synthesis of collagen, leaving the skin capable of actively restoring itself, so that its microrelief is smoothed and the depth of wrinkles decreases.Caviar extract normalizes the hormonal basis of the skin and the activity of the sebaceous glands, slows down the aging process of the skin and provides cells with antioxidant protection.
Royal jelly is a powerful biological stimulant that has a toning and regenerating effect, normalizes metabolic processes in the tissues.
Contains omega-3 and a mineral complex, adenosine, fatty acids and 47 types of vitamins and nutritional ingredients.
In summary, the serum has:

  • Has restorative and rejuvenating properties
  • Gives a healthy glow to the skin
  • Gives elasticity to the skin
  • Preserves skin hydration
  • Includes gold and caviar extract

Conseils d'utilization:
Clean the skin with toner, then apply 2-3 drops during the massage.

Volume: 100 ml.

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