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John Masters Organics - Honey Hibiscus Shampoo For Damaged Hair (Repair Shampoo)

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Size: 177 ml


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Repair damaged, brittle and tired hair with this fortifying honey and hibiscus shampoo.
Organic honey infuses hair with nutrients essential for good health and provides the necessary hydration while organic hibiscus water and hibiscus flower extract work together to gently cleanse dead skin deposits and dirt while balancing the natural production of sebum.
A mild foaming agent, based on coconut, creates a rich foam that gently cleanses the scalp and hair without eliminating natural hydration.

Excellent daily shampoo for very dry, damaged, colored hair exposed to chemicals.
Gentle yet effective cleansing ingredients for clean, dry hair.
Eliminates excess sebum without removing natural hydration from the scalp.
Balances sebum production without drying out the scalp.
Repairs brittle and fragile wicks.
Helps strengthen hair from the root to protect it from future damage, avoid breakage and split ends.

When to use this shampoo:
Visibly dry, dull, damaged, brittle and split hair.
Chemically colored hair • Regular use of heat sources.
Suitable for dry, fine and normal hair.

Signs that your hair is damaged:
Appearance: dull, fine hair, frizz, flyaways.
Texture: straight, dry, brittle hair.
General impression: lack of flexibility, irritation of the scalp, porosity.

What damages the hair:
The use of chemicals (color, permanent, discoloration).
Damage caused by heat sources
Mechanical damage due to frequent shampooing, brushing and towel drying.

The benefits of this shampoo:
Helps avoid future damage A mild coconut foaming agent removes dust and excess sebum without eliminating natural moisture. Organic hibiscus water and flower extract work together to gently cleanse dead skin deposits and dirt while balancing natural sebum production.
Provides hydration Organic honey acts as a natural humectant by attracting and retaining hydration. Lysophosphatidylcholine contains phytonutrients that strengthen the follicles and function like a second skin by providing hydration to the hair and preserving the natural lipid structure of the scalp. It also prepares the hair for conditioner for better penetration.
Application tips:
Apply to damp hair and massage until the foam appears

Good to know:
If the scalp is oily, massage for more than 30 seconds.
Follow with conditioner for damaged hair with honey and hibiscus.
For very damaged hair, replace the conditioner with the mask for damaged hair with honey and hibiscus.


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