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KIKI Health - Food supplement - Rich in fiber - Organic Psyllium Pod Powder - 275 g

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KIKI Health - Food supplement - Rich in fiber - Organic Psyllium Pod Powder - 275 g

Increase your fiber intake with KIKI Health's Organic Psyllium Pod Powder, a highly soluble powder that is 100% natural and easy to digest.

Gluten and wheat free, this plantain powder from India is a source of fiber, ideal for people suffering from allergies or needing to avoid these two ingredients.


The formula of this powder rich in vitamins B6 and B2 allows to:

promote the proper functioning of energy metabolism

maintain the proper functioning of the nervous and immune system

reduce the feeling of fatigue.

The +: Vitamin B1 which transforms sugar into energy ensures good cardiovascular functioning, while its formula rich in vitamin B3 promotes beautiful skin.

This fine powder is designed to be mixed with a drink or smoothie, or even sprinkled on food, making it easy to make sure the body is getting a healthy dose of fiber.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Without artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, fillers, gluten or wheat.


Recommended amount for an adult: 1 good teaspoon of powder added to any type of drink or smoothie, or sprinkled and mixed with food.

Note: It is essential to consume a large amount of water when taking Psyllium Pod Powder, and then throughout the day.


100% psyllium husks



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