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KOH - Nail serum - 10ml

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Brand : KOH
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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

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KOH - Nail serum - 10ml

The product also revitalizes the nails after, for example, an illness that has weakened the nails. The essential oil mixture is deeply absorbed up to the nail growth area and restores the natural balance of the nail. The nail recovers its natural elasticity. The silky texture and subtle scent evoke feelings of purity, harmony and serenity.


• Restores the structure of the nail and rebalances its hydration rate
• Adding palmitate has a softening effect on nails and cuticles
• After the oil is absorbed, a silky protective layer covers the nail
• Soft and silky texture, subtly scented
• Comes in an elegant and luxurious case.

A few tips

Degrease your nails before use.

In this way, the serum will be better absorbed and the result faster.

How to enjoy its benefits?

- Thanks to its practical pipette, the KOH ESSENTIAL NAIL SERUM is simple to use.

- Apply a drop daily to clean nails, then massage them. Use the KOH ESSENTIAL NAIL SERUM in cure of 2 to 3 weeks for a better result.

- In case of very damaged nails, for example after the removal of artificial nails, we advise you to use KOH ESSENTIAL NAIL SERUM for 8 weeks.


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