All the beauties of the world

All the beauties of the world

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The world of cosmetics has woken up in the last decade.

Faced with this generation that takes responsibility and values ​​its origins, the codes of beauty are being transformed. Today, it is more than important to proudly display its uniqueness, the particularities that are unique to us, while promoting our cultural heritage.

Thanks to social networks and the emergence of powerful voices such as Rihanna, Lupita Nyong'O, Pryanka Chopra, black, ethnic and mixed skin has shown that it has a special place in the cosmetic landscape. Long neglected in favor of clear and Asian skin, they now know that they all have a treasure to cherish and no longer have to imitate the standards of unique beauty.

Differences and singularities now unite all skin tones and all skin types in a common requirement.

This strong message of self-acceptance deeply inspired ETHNI BEAUTY MARKET.

We have therefore created a unique place that meets the needs of each and everyone, regardless of their ethnic heritage, skin tone or skin type. Our multicultural team carries the message of ETHNI BEAUTY MARKET. Inspired and creative, these men and women are committed to offering body, facial, hair and perfume treatments from around the world. Asia, Africa, Polynesia, the rituals of the world are in the spotlight creating a singular mix that we cherish and value.

To reveal its beauty, to share its rituals of care whatever its ethnic origin or its complexion, such is the goal, the raison d'être of ETHNI BEAUTY MARKET.

EBM - All the beauties of the world

Discover your skin type

How to know your skin type?

To choose the products that will help you pamper your skin, it is important to make a diagnosis.

You can go to a pharmacy and / or beauty shop so that a counselor can do it.

You can also try the handkerchief technique. After removing make-up, cleaning and drying your skin, wait 30 minutes then apply a tissue for a few seconds.

Once removed, different zones can then appear:

  • your whole face appears: you have oily skin
  • the T zone appears: you have combination skin
  • no trace: you have normal or dry skin

 EBM – Skin types

Normal skin

Normal skin is smooth, soft and comfortable. She has very few imperfections and a pretty uniform complexion. Its appearance is mat and its skin texture is regular. The water and fat levels are in perfect balance. 

———> The care I need: Normal skin care

Dry skin

Dry skin is uniform with a fine skin texture but it is prone to dehydration and tightness. In lack of sebum, you feel discomfort and tightness.

———> The care I need:


Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is characterized by increased reactivity to environmental factors and care products. Although its grain is fine and uniform, it reacts easily to dehydration, causing feelings of tightness. This sensitivity often results from a delicate response to external aggressions, which can result in discomfort and a susceptibility to irritation. 

 ———> The care I need: Care for sensitive skin 

Mixed skin

Combination skin is the most common type of skin, and is the most difficult to understand. It is made up of fatty areas on the forehead, nose and chin (the famous T-zone) and dry areas with a mat and uniform appearance. 

———> The care I need : Combination skin care


Oily skin

Oily skin has areas of shine, usually on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). It is prone to imperfections, its grain is irregular and the pores are dilated and visible.

———> The care I need : Care for oily skin


Acne skin

Acne skin is skin that tends to develop blackheads and pimples. Often oily and shiny because the sebaceous glands produce more sebum than other skin types. 

———> The care I need: Care for acne-prone skin 


Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is reactive and intolerant. Prone to tingling, redness and tightness. These feelings of discomfort are reactions to different internal and / or external factors (physical, chemical, psychological or even hormonal).

———> The care I need: Care for sensitive skin 


Mature skin

Mature skin lacks elasticity. Sensitive due to the decrease in the thickness of the epidermis, it also presents pigmentary disorders.

———> The care I need: Care for mature skin