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Design Essentials - Detoxifying Hair And Skin Care - 118ml

Design Essentials - DETOXIFYING HAIR AND SKIN CARE - 118ml
Reduces irritations and dandruff, soothes the skin and scalp, gently tones and moisturizes the skin, easy-to-use applicator, ideal for optimal protection.
How to enjoy its benefits?

For the scalp:

  • Apply the detoxifying tonic directly to the entire scalp, section by section.
  • Massage the scalp, emphasizing the parts to be treated.
  • Rinse (optional).

For the skin:

  • Apply the detoxifying tonic using a cotton swab to the skin.
  • Massage on the skin, emphasizing the areas to be treated.
  • Lemon - balances and restores pH, source of vitamins C & B, natural anti-dandruff, has anti-fungal properties.
  • Eucalyptus - natural antiseptic, stimulates and soothes.
  • Witch hazel - natural astringent, gently cleanses and tones.


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