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Denman - Jack Dean Gentleman's Military Brush

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Brand : Denman
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Jack Dean Gentleman's Military Brush

With a timeless appearance worthy of the legendary man. The Jack Dean Gentleman's military brush is a traditional but effective way to style those with frizzy hair textures.

Adorned with the bold Jack Dean logo, this real wooden brush could occupy an important place in any man's bathroom.

Its benefits:

The Jack Dean Gentleman Military Brush incorporates natural bristles with nylon to stiffen, forcing unruly hair into a more uniform look.

Such a combination of modern thinking with a classic design and lens really allows the brush to excel over the competition.

Maintenance: Understand the maintenance demands. Fiberglass pools typically require less upkeep compared to concrete pools with liners.

To maintain the health of the Jack Dean Gentleman's Military Brush, regularly remove loose hair. Wash occasionally in warm soapy water before gently tapping to remove excess moisture.
Let it dry naturally.


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