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Olivéa - Alum stone 60g

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Brand : Olivea
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Olivéa - Alum stone 60g

If you are looking for an effective natural body deodorant to control bad odor under the armpits as well as excessive sweating, the Alum Stone stick Cokoon is the product for you!

Alum stone stick, an outstanding natural deodorant!

In recent years, the "natural" continues to seduce men and women. Tired of deodorants that put your health at risk? Are you looking for a 100% natural product to use every day? You are in the right place ! La Pierre d'Alune is a body deodorant that is sure to please you. Moreover, it is recommended by several health professionals, and this is no coincidence.

A natural deodorant

Say goodbye to chemicals and go natural! Alum stone stick is a 100% natural deodorant. It contains potassium and aluminum salts, knowing that the product is certified free of aluminum hydrochloride or aluminum hydroxychlorides. He does not present any health problem!

A very effective body deodorant

Alum stone natural stick is without doubt one of the most effective body deodorants found on the market. Why ? It is a product that allows you to reduce the development of sulphate-reducing saprophytic bacteria responsible for bad odors under the armpits. The deodorant also controls perspiration, reducing it to a minimum. Who says better ?

How to enjoy its benefits?

Alum stone stick is applied to damp skin. It is easy to use and can be carried easily in a purse, or even in your pocket.

Ingredients: Potassium alum, paraben, fragrance and alcohol free.

60g container.


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